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eh team

creepy_crawly in onaboxofsoap


Title: Broken
Genre: angst? Yeah, angst works...
Characters: Umino Iruka and Hatake Kakashi (well, duh, look at my ship.) A few OCs, but they don't do anything but get killed spectacularly. Like Barbies with Cherry Bombs. *smiiiiiiiile*
Summary: Breaking is a fact of ninja life. Sometimes, though, it hurts a little more than it should. KakaIruKashi. Fluffy angst and sad romance.
Status: WIP...7 of (tentatively) 20 parts done

The official Listy

Part 1; Not All Hurts
Part 2; A Successful Mission
Part 3; A Marvelous Trick
Part 4; Interrogatives
Part 5; Explanations
Part 6; Red Skies At Night
Part 7; Sparrows